This is a long-term psychodynamic (psychoanalytic) method that allows helps people suffering from personality disorders, in particular borderline and narcissistic. Its characteristic is to work in depth so it really changes the personality structure of the person.

This method differs for example from cognitive / behavioural or systemic therapy, where the focus is either put onto the behavioural or emotional consequences of this personality structure, or onto the environment of the person, but without changing the personality structure in depth.

The therapist is active during the sessions and the nature of this therapy is to analyse and interpret what is happening during the session between the patient and the therapist, at a verbal, non verbal level, in the transference and countertransference. This process allows the progressive operation of the structure change in depth.

A therapeutic, neutral, caring and non-judgemental way of listening is important. The patient is allowed to think and feel whatever he wants, even negative thoughts and emotions about the therapist or therapy, as long as he talks about it during the sessions. That helps the therapist understand how the patient functions and thereby helping him/her improve his/her reflexive functioning.

I’ve been interested in this method for about 2 years and attend congresses, training courses and workshops. I am also supervised once per month in the Netherlands by a certified TFP therapist and supervisor.